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I got the chance to VJ a 1920’s themed electro swing night at the Pyramid.

The Event

The Music:

The Result:

Due to some technical issues, I ended up using Modul8 and a Hucules controller to VJ. It was nice to revisit Modul8, I haven’t used it since I switched to Resolume. Software can really dictate how you create visuals, and using another person’s setup made me realize that.

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I have finally finished off the last bottle of my first home brew, named Skullbraune after the hackerspace that funded the project. Using a kit perchase from my local homebrew supplier, I produced 40 bottles of lager. Here are some pics from the process.

For my first batch, I really needed to learn the process of cleaning and sanitizing all the equipment, as poor sanitation means poor beer. This is why I chose a kit, so I could limit the variables if the batch turned out odd. I picked a lager for this reason as well, since the lighter taste won’t mask any mistakes in the process.

The whole process is fun, and I’m looking forward to my first boil, and coming up with my own beer recipes, perhaps one day crafting something that is truly worthy to share a name with Skullspace.

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Free food and booze for 12 days in hot and sunny Austin Texas. Whew.
My best of everything at SXSW 2013

Best Films

- Cicada Princess / The Gold Sparrow / Oh Willy… РVarious films at the SXSW 2013 Animated Shorts.
- Sound City – Dave Grohl
- Everything Will Be OK – Don Hertzfeldt

Best Interactive

- – An open source, sensor logging software for android. More than just G.P.S. tracking.
- – a sensor project to track the largest Cicada migration in 17 years.

Best Music

- Andrew WK (Also Best Mosh Pit)
- Passion Pit
- Sound City Players

Best Beers

- The 7 different beers at Uncle Billy’s
- The Unnamed Beer I had at the Eagles of Death Metal show, the beer tap head was a piece of tree bark.

Best Food

- Crawfish, caught, cooked, prepped, and sold by a friendly Cajun
- Best Free: BBQ I found on the first day where I had the best brisket ever

Best Panel

Neil Gaiman Interviewing Chuck Lorre, when I meet Neil Gaiman afterward at a bus stop.

Best Booth

Group award to the SXSW Create Tent. So many neat booths. Big thanks to SparkFun for the free Arduino Uno!

Best Freebie

A signed, foil stamped, limited edition, red vinyl record at the chip tune meetup from Forrest James

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It’s been a long time coming, but here is the new design. It is based off the Textpattern default. I liked it because it already came with a fluid width and worked in every browser. Even though I used code to start, it still took a month to get the new design finalized. I’m using a plugin which I would like to draw attention too because it is awesome like me.

Fit Vids JS
This script allows for fluid width video. Great for making youtube and vimeo embeds work in this design. Use it.

I’ve been gone to SXSW for the last two weeks, and I’ll try and get a post or two about the three festivals. For now check out my twitter

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It’s been a while. I started my school and main work period in September. I also auditioned for and got cast in The Importance of Being Earnest. From September to November, I was rehearsing for The Importance of Being Earnest. The run finished at the end of November, and it couldn’t have gone better. I haven’t done any theater since high school, and it was a really big undertaking as I got a lead role (Jack).

Now that I’ve finished and the holidays are over, I am going to be migrating this site over to a new design, along with building a new site for the theater company I just did a play with. Should be interesting.

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